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Three pharmacists


Nephron Pharmacy, started in 1990, by Dr. Shah as a physician dispensary, servicing his dialysis and nephrology patients in order for these patients to receive medication as quickly and efficiently as possible with little hassle or struggle. 

In January of 2019, Nephron Dispensary was converted to Nephron Pharmacy enabling the same superb team to service all patients in the area. 


The entire goal of Nephron Pharmacy is to offer a service that enables every individual to focus on themselves and rest assured that a team of physicians and pharmacists will take care of there health and medication needs. 

This unique complete care ensures that our patients are more compliant and meeting goals than ever before. 

In a joint partnership with Kidney Hypertension Clinic, Nephron Corporation, and AccuLab, This pharmacy is able to offer unparalleled care and education to our patients, their family and anyone in the area.

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